Courtyard & Pond Accents

Over the years my family has collected various treasures from around the world and have chosen a few stand outs to be reproduced to share with decorators, landscape architects and passionate gardeners who appreciate the joy and tranquility discovered when entering a walled courtyard or secret garden where prized heirlooms and treasures are kept.

Kettle Fish
Kettle Fish
#MD – KFb Bronze
#MD – KFss Stainless steel
Kettle Boy
Kettle Boy
#MD – KB
Pineapple Finial
Pineapple Finial
#MD - PF

Kettle Boy

Items from this historic collection have been masterfully reproduced in the style of the 1800's using the most talented artisans in stone, ceramic, glass blowing and metal casting using the lost wax process. All reproductions are made in the U.S.

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